Food Sharing Glasgow Activists

About The Opportunity

We are looking for people who will write to ‘The Man’ ie MPs and CEOs of big supermarkets to advocate change in the food industry. They will spread the word and keep on top of the latest news (good AND bad) regarding the Food Waste Revolution and inform the Food Sharing community of any progress. They can even make petitions – GO WILD! (Note: any other member of food sharing can also do this, but it would be great to have some people dedicated to the cause.)

Terms & Conditions:

  • No money will ever be exchanged for food collected by Food Sharing Glasgow
  • Every effort will be made to redistribute food before being thrown away
  • Equal opportunities will be given to all members of the food sharing community regardless of race, status or occupation
  • Any and all surplus donations collected from events held by Food Sharing Glasgow will go directly to homeless shelters or food banks
  • Social Media account access will be revoked if misused for personal gain or abuse of people/organisations
  • Kindness and education will be delivered at every given opportunity

How To Apply

Please email